Trainer Spotlight Daniel Mickel, Beaufort Athletic Club

Daniel Mickel, Beaufort Athletic Club

If you’ve been out to our Wednesday Night Under the Lights with the Beaufort Track Club, you’ve seen our good friend Daniel Mickel, Beaufort Athletic Club with his stretch and massage table. Daniel owns the Beaufort Athletic Club and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Since the Beaufort Track Club in November of 2016, Daniel has volunteered his time to come out to help warm up, stretch out and even offer post run massages of any sore areas.

Let’s get to know Daniel a little better today

Daniel Mickel, Beaufort Athletic ClubDaniel, how did you first get involved with coaching and training? “After 12 years of active service in the Marine Corps, I returned to my hometown of Beaufort, SC to build and grow Beaufort Athletic Club, LLC. The Marine Corps provided me with the means to pursue my education and the opportunity to physically train Marines. Having a large family, I have coached my children in a variety of youth sports. I have coached high school track & field and soccer. I currently train two college athletic scholarship recipients.”

Where did you get your training? “I learned my trade in the United States Marine Corps where I assisted Cadets and Midshipmen at The Citadel with preparation for Officer Candidates School. I participated with a breast cancer research project by physically training survivors.”

What is your #1 piece of advice for someone who is looking to take their training to the next step with specific goals in mind? “To improve your performance, you need a performance instructor trained to identify particular deficiencies and with the knowledge to be able to show you how to correct those deficiencies. This is how you will achieve the most optimal performance possible.”

Daniel has been a great addition to the Beaufort Track Club and our athletes have all benefited from the information along with the pre/post run active stretching along with the massage. If you have personal training needs, we encourage you to give Daniel a call or come by one of our Wednesday night runs at 6:30pm and talk with Daniel yourself.

Daniel Mickel, Beaufort Athletic Club training and education includes the following:

– Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

– Licensed Massage Therapist #10195

​- Sports Performance Coach, USA Weightlifting

– Level 1 Track & Field Coach, USA Track & Field

– Level 1 Certified Speed Specialist, NASE

– BS in Physical Education (Health & Wellness), The Citadel

– Masters in Sports Management, American Military University

– Certified Interscholastic Coach – Level 2, NFHS

– Accredited Interscholastic Coach – Level 1, NFHS

– Road Running Coach, RRCA

– Perinatal Fitness Instructor, Healthy Moms Fitness

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