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Every runner deserves to be featured here! All have their unique attributes and stories. The aim of having a Featured Runner of the Week is not to necessarily single out any individuals but we want to feature runners who through their uniqueness may one day inspire you to run or reach for new running highs. Every runner has broken their own barriers, whether it was the first big obstacle to take the first running step or entering a race. Each runner will have their own story and to most these stories to others are very inspiring.

We welcome your feedback and nominations of runners who you feel deserve to be featured here. Our Featured Runner of the Week is selected at random. Every runner deserves to be mentioned and we will do our best to select a wide field of runners to bring their stories for you to enjoy.

This week we feature an amazing local runner that can be found running and racing all over Beaufort and the South East. This week, let’s take a few minutes and get to know Nicole Mooney:

Nicole Mooney Featured Runner of the Week: Feb 10, 2017

Name: Nicole Mooney  Nicole Mooney Featured Runner of the week Grounded Running

Age: 30

Where are you originally from? Tennessee

What is your favorite distance to race? Why? Half Marathon. Personally, I think 13.1 is the perfect distance. It challenges me both mentally and physically but not to the point where I can’t enjoy the race.

What originally got you into running? After having my second kid I needed an outlet toNicole Mooney Featured Runner of the Week get myself back into shape. I joined Stroller Warrior’s, a running club for military spouses. These amazing women inspired me to push myself to distances I never thought I could reach.

What is your main motivation to keep going? I love to challenge myself and push my limits. I think it’s amazing what one can do if they put the time and work into it.

When you’re not running, what do you do? Swimming or Biking! I have two children ages 3 and 5 who keep me pretty busy. I also love to cook and craft and I absolutely love being outdoors.

What is your next race? Getting the Tri season started off right with the Parris Island Triathlon

Describe your perfect run: I absolutely love night runs! The cool temp and quiet surroundings are the perfect combination.Nicole Mooney Grounded Running Featured runner of the week

What piece of advice do you have for someone who is just starting out? Set a goal. I love having something to work towards. It pushes me every day through training.

Goals for this year? Improving my running speed is a goal I’ve had for awhile now. Over the next 6 months I will do one or two sprint distance triathlons, a few Olympic distance triathlons, and hopefully in early fall complete my first Half Ironman!!!

Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story Nicole, you continue to inspire those around you and you should be proud of all your accomplishments! Keep up the great work and we wish you the best of luck this year! #staygrounded #runbeaufort

Nicole Mooney Grounded Running Featured runner of the weekd