Join us for our 2023 Delirium Ultra 24-Hour Endurance Race

***2023 Registration is SOLD OUT!!!***

6 Hour

12 Hour

24 Hour

We’re Back: Kicking off our 11th Year and our second year on our new course on Lady's Island. Delirium Ultra started in 2011 and has now been hosted in four different location including Bluffton, Ridgeland, Habersham and now our permanent home in Beaufort, SC. We are honored and privileged to be hosted by the Mitchell Family on their beautiful farm. Please be sure to respect the course, clean up after yourselves and be sure to thank any of the family while on site during the race. This closed course is made up of a 1.65-mile loop with a single aid station that the runners pass at the completion of each lap. "Tent City" is set up directly on the course for easy access to all your gear and primitive camping is allowed Friday and Saturday night. Be sure to come in your BEST Halloween costume!!!

The Race: The Winner is the overall Male & Female who logs the greatest number of miles in each allotted race: 6, 12 or 24 Hours. Runners must register and compete in the proper event. No additional race changes may be made after September 28, 2023.

***Join us for the Lt Dank Sophisticated Beer (BYOB) at 7:30pm Friday evening!!!

Where: The 2023 Delirium Ultra 24-Hour Endurance Race will be held on Lady’s Island, SC. The race start is hidden from the road, please use 206 Springfield Rd for your GPS location and follow the Delirium signs to get you to the designated parking area. You will turn LEFT onto Chinaback Dr, there is not a street sign, just follow the Delirium race signs. This is a beautiful, wooded course designed to showcase the local foliage and wildlife of the Lowcountry. Parking will be adjacent to the Start/ Finish area please only park in designated areas.

When: All races will begin promptly at 8:00am on Saturday October 28, 2023, no exceptions. The 6-Hour race concludes at 2:00pm. 12-hour event will conclude at 8:00pm and the 24-Hour race ends at 8:00am on Sunday morning. All racers must check-in PRIOR to 7:00am on Saturday morning. Pre-race announcements will begin at 7:45am to ensure an on-time start, please be at the starting line and ready to go.

Aid Station: You will not go hungry! Our single aid station will offer the following items: water, Tailwind, dark and light soft drinks, oranges, bananas, typical sweet & salty ultra-snacks, Spring Nutrition, chicken noodle soup, burgers and pizza and other hot foods throughout the night. If you have any special requirements from a nutrition standpoint, we ask that you bring those items with you.

11:00am Chicken Noodle Soup,

4:00pm Hamburgers (Like the kind made of animals)

9:00pm Pizza,

12:00am Chicken Noodle Soup – throughout the evening.

The Aid station will be stocked with basic first aid needs; however we ask that you treat your own basic first aid items items to further limit the risk to volunteers.

TRASH REMOVAL: Pack it in, pack it out. Please do not leave bags of your own trash behind. Please remove all items including broken tents and chairs and any other small items left in your area. Leave no trace!!!!

Water Bottles: We ask that you bring your own water bottle to reduce the amount of waste that Ultra events tend to produce. We will be more than happy to fill your bottle each lap and ask that you remove the caps to your bottles and place them on the tables in the aid station. Volunteers will fill those for you and hand them back for you to replace your lids.

Overview: We ask that you are patient with our aid station volunteers during slower periods and if necessary please pick up your items on your next lap if there are several people waiting.

Night Running: All runners in the 12- and 24-hours races MUST have a headlamp or handheld light in their possession from dusk until dawn. The Race Director will notify runners when they must have their lights on. It is HIGLY recommended that you bring extra batteries or a backup light. No Light – No Run… plain and simple!

Race Staging and Camping: Our new course allows us to have ample room for Camping and Staging areas for all runners located along both sides of the course just after reaching the main aid station and start/ finish line. Staging areas should be no larger than 12x12 and you may set up and reserve your spot any time after 3:00pm on Friday October 27, 2023. The staging area is accessible directly off the course and may be visited at any time during the race. Racers may stop and visit their staging areas and the aid station for as long as you wish, but once your lap is counted you may not return to you tent until you finish your next lap. ALWAYS KEEP MOVING FORWARD ON THE COURSE.

Bands: We have a FULL line up of amazing local bands this year!

Campfire Tyler 11:00-1:00p
Campfire Tyler 11:00-1:00p
Mike Bagenstose 1:00-4:00p
Mike Bagenstose 1:00-4:00p
Erin Norton Band 4:00-6:00p
Erin Norton Band 4:00-6:00p

Our 2023 Headliners: Irritating Julie

Irritating Julie 7:00-10:00p


Awards: The 2023 Delirium Ultra 24-Hour Endurance Race (6, 12, & 24 hour) swag includes our 2023 Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodies.

This is a TIMED race. Runners that complete the ENTIRE timed event will receive the 2023 Delirium Ultra Finishers medal regardless of distance covered.

Runners in the 24-Hour race that complete 100 Miles or more will receive a Delirium Ultra Belt Buckle – WEAR IT WITH PRIDE!!!! These buckles are sweet and new for 2023!!! The top male and female runner in each race will also earn an epic race trophy… like true old school style trophy that would make Johnny Lawrence jealous. Finisher's medals will be handed out at the conclusion of the 6, 12 and 24-Hour events, 100-Mile Buckles will be awarded at 8:30am Sunday morning on the main stage!!!

$500 cash prize will be awarded to the Top Runner in the 24-Hour race and a BONUS $250 for breaking the course record (male=117.15, female=102.3)

Hoka Shoes to the Top three Male & Female in each race presented by Grounded Running.

Bib – Chip Timing: ***PLEASE READ**** Bibs must be worn on the front of your body and visible during the entire event. As you add layers throughout the night, your bib must still be visible. The event will be chip timed this year and runners will be responsible for ensuring that their transponder are on. If you run a lap and forget your transponder, your lap WILL NOT BE COUNTED. Please wear your transponder!!! LIVE Results will be available IF there is cell coverage on race day. This event is in a very remote area and in previous years LIVE results were not available. Run your race, enjoy your time on the farm, update your friends later!

You will only be counted for full laps that you completed prior to the end of your race. Partial laps will not be counted.

Packet Pick Up: Packet pick up will begin on Friday October 27, 2023 between 3-7:00pm at the Start/ Finish line, please use 206 Springfield Rd for your GPS location and follow the Delirium signs to get you to the designated parking area. If you are unable to attend packet pick up during this time, please be to the racecourse between 6:00-7:00am on race day to ensure an on-time PROMPT start at 8:00am. NO PACKETS WILL BE HANDED OUT AFTER 7:00AM.

Parking: Please only park in the designated area, this includes “I’m just unloading my car”. This is VERY simple, park next to the car in front of you.