Christy Steen Featured Runner of the Week

Christy Steen Featured Runner of the Week

Happy New Year everyone… we’re back!!! We took a break from posting our Featured Runner of the Week and we know you guys missed them! This is my favorite post that we do and we are thrilled to highlight some amazing runners from our area right here each week! Christy Steen Featured Runner of the Week is a great way to kick off the New Year!

In our 23rd edition of our favorite weekly post, we spotlight Christy Steen as our Featured Runner of the Week. The aim of having a Featured Runner of the Week is not to necessarily single out any individuals, but we want to feature runners who through their uniqueness may one day inspire you to run or reach for new running highs. Every runner has broken down their own barriers, whether it was the big obstacle to take the first running step or entering a race. Each runner will have their own story and to most these stories to others are very inspiring.

We welcome your feedback and nominations of runners who you feel deserve to be featured here. Our Featured Runner of the Week is selected at random on a weekly basis. Every runner deserves to be mentioned and we will do our best to select a wide field of runners to bring their stories for you to enjoy.

Let’s take a few minutes and get to know Christy this week!

Name:  Christy SteenChristy Steen Featured Runner of the week

Age: 44

Where are you originally from? Hampton, SC

What is your favorite distance to race?  10K is usually my favorite race and a good distance to fit in training as a mom with young kids. This year though, I have been loving the half marathon.  I’ve been able to put in more miles with my youngest turning 5 soon. The worst part for me before was getting over that 8-9 mile hump in my longer runs and running with the Beaufort Track Club helped me to easily hit that mark and keep going.  I also like the structure of a workout plan and the half marathon training schedule gives me something to work towards in my busy life schedule.

What originally got you into running?   I grew up in a mixture of sports, mostly softball. My very first Christy Steen Featured Runner of the weekrace was a 10k that I trained for with a friend in my late 20’s. Her husband was a triathlete and he talked us into doing a team triathlon. I loved it! I was hooked on the rush and energy all around me from the other athletes. I decided I had to do more of it as an individual so I got involved with the masters swim here and some other great athletes that were newbies to tri. I raced all distances and my last race before having my first child was Ironman Florida. My kids are spread out in age and the youngest is 4. Running has been my way back into fitness and strength and confidence over the last 10 years because I could take them with me in the jogger. I may get back into triathlon one day but I am really just loving everything about the run for now.

What is your main motivation to keep going?    My husband would say I’m super competitive but I’d say everything about running I guess. Recovery is definitely harder now but it keeps me healthy and strong and I love starting my day with that rush. I want my girls to see me strong and finding time to do something I love. I was always the small kid and I want them to know that they can do whatever they put their effort and heart into no matter their size. I like feeling strong and I am inspired and motivated by runners I know or see almost every day.

When you’re not running, what do you do?  We are busy busy here just as any family with kids. We like to spend time  together outdoors and on the water.

What is your next race?  Probably the Resolution Run 5k on Dataw Island and I signed up for Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 10x5K in March to try something new. There’s a lot of good racing coming up this winter and spring.

Describe your perfect run:  60 degrees, low humidity in the early morning and a Lowcountry view is a perfect run for me. I’m a southern girl and do NOT love the cold temps. Luckily our winter is short here.

What piece of advice do you have for someone who is just starting out?   Always get a shoe check….and don’t give up. There will be good runs and bad runs and life will try to get in the way. Don’t give up. Oh yeah and stretching…stretching is your friend.

What has been the single greatest thing you have gotten back from running?   Myself. It’s my time and it’s all on me. It’s easy to lose yourself in work, at home and as a mom with schedules galore. It’s my time for peace or to get through the bad stuff or to shine.

Goals for this year? My goals for this upcoming year are to stay healthy and strong and to PR in the 10k and a late season half marathon.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story this week Christy and we wish you the best this year in meeting all of your training and racing goals! #staygrounded #runbeaufort #runwithpassionGrounded Running Beaufort

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