Getting the Perfect Fit

At Grounded Running we know your feet are the most important part of running. If we take care of your feet first, the rest will fall into place with the right posture, lean and foot strike. Did you know a human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments? There’s a lot going on in a very small area and yet no two people have exactly the same feet. Our goal is to put you in the most comfortable running shoes in Beaufort.

The Right Running Shoe

This is why our YOUfit process is designed to identify the proper shoe that is right for you. Everything we do at Grounded Running Beaufort is geared toward fitting you as an individual. Whether it's footwear, apparel or accessories, you will have a fit that's best for you and we're here to help you find it.

Step 1: Interview

The purpose of the Interview process is to get a good understanding of the customer’s history, their current shoe history and their future goals with their running.

Step 2: Gait Analysis

Each runner will be placed on our in-store treadmill to run for a brief time so we can review their gait, their strike position and their overall stance while running before we move to fit.

Step 3: Fitting

The last step is the fitting process which we take each runner through to ensure that the shoe fits their feet properly in addition to offering alternate lacing options to ensure the perfect fit.


Proper Running Form

Once we ensure that a runner is in the proper shoes we continue to work with them to ensure that they are running with the most efficient form possible.

P.L.F.C - The path to success

We continuously work with all of our Runners to ensure that they are using proper running techniques which will help them stay healthy and run longer. We focus on one attribute each week to keep our runners on the path to success!

  • Posture
  • Lean
  • Foot Strike
  • Cadence

Let's take a quick look at these four steps below and begin the process of focusing on each step during each and every run.