SC Ultra Running Festival: February 3-9, 2020

SC Ultra Running Festival

SC Ultra Running Festival

What: 6-Day, 72-Hour, 48-Hour, 24-Hour, 100 Mile

When: February 3-9, 2020 All races start at 9:00am

Where: Burton Wells Park, Beaufort, SC

100 Mile SCURF Belt Buckle

All runners that run 100+ miles in their respectable races will earn one of our Festival Buckles. Featuring our dancing bears design, perfect take away from any Festival event!

SCURF Buckle

Race schedule of 2020 events: All times are eastern daylight time

Monday Feb 3: 6-Day 09:00

Thursday Feb 8: 72HR 09:00

Friday Feb 7: 48HR 9:00am

Friday Feb 7: 24HR 9:00am

Friday Feb 7: 100 9:00am

Saturday Feb 8: 24HR 9:00am

Awards Ceremonies to follow immediately upon conclusion of each respective race.

Pre-Race Briefing:

30 minutes before the start of each respective race near the starting line. All runners should be on site and have their bibs picked up at least one hour before the start of their respective races.

Race Director:

Grounded Running Event Management Services, LLC’s CEO Tim Waz is the race director and event coordinator for all of Lowcountry Ultra's Events. Tim’s race management company hosts and times over 40 events per year and has been putting on premium Ultra Events in the Lowcountry of South Carolina since 2009. Lowcountry Ultras Events include: SCURF, Delirium Ultra Endurance Race, The Asylum Ultra (Last Man Standing), Cremator Ultra 50 Mile Endurance Race, Charleston 24-Hour and the soon to launch Charleston Track Classic taking place on the Citadel Track in late 2020. Tim is an Ultra Runner himself and knows what it takes to host a success event to meet and exceed your own personal goals.

Race Registration: has been selected as our host for race registration.

SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT WAIT LIST REGISTRATION: IF the event you’d like to enter is sold out, please consider getting on the waitlist. Virtually everyone who was on the wait list for 2019, got into the field.

Keep in mind that Ultrasignup WILL take your credit card information, however, you WILL NOT be charged unless 1) you receive an email invite to enter, and 2) you ACCEPT that invitation.

We will also reserve an additional number of entry slots for inviting elite runners and sponsored guests.

Entry fee:

Fees include other race amenities including finisher buckle, embroidered fleece vest, embroidered race hat, race bib belt, and assorted goodies.

Oftentimes, friends or family members traveling with runners like to volunteer to have something to do while cheering their runner along. If you have someone traveling with you who would like to help out, as much as they like, please contact us. Volunteers will receive a SCURF Hat.

Race Memorabilia & Awards:

Special commemorative belt buckles will be awarded to all participants who run at least 100 miles. Being that this is a first year event, we will have 30 buckles on hand and those will be awarded based on registration date. Additional buckles will be ordered after the event concludes.

Chip timing and Real Time Tracking:

Professional timing will be under the direction of Grounded Running Event Management Services and LIVE tracking with be provided through and displayed during the event in two locations.


Average temperatures during early February in Beaufort, SC range from highs in the low 60's to lows in the 40's over night with an average of only 6 days of rain through out the entire month. Making it ideal for a multiday attempt with high mileage. SCURF Avg Temps


The race will start in a counter-clockwise direction, and runners will change directions every 6 hours. When you leave the course for any reason, you should leave and enter through the designated area. Care should be taken to note the direction you are running when you leave the track. If runners are traversing in the opposite direction when you return, you should finish the lap you left on in the same direction, and then turn when you reach the timing mat at the beginning/end of the loop.

All runners are responsible for wearing their timing devices. You will have a timing chip on your race bib. It is suggested that you leave your timing device with the timing table if you are leaving the facility. This will ensure you don’t leave it at a hotel.

Single File inside "lane" rule: All runners (or walkers) must run (or walk) single file on the inside of the course unless passing another runner/walker. Runners/walkers who are passing shall do so in an expedient manner. Any runners who wish to socialize a bit while they are walking or running may do so in a front/back manner like you would do on a single track trail.

We are committed to allowing for all runners/walkers to achieve their best distances without undue impedance.

You are allowed to move around the course with food or drink, hopefully in a container that will mostly eliminate messes. You (or your crew) are responsible for cleaning any messes you make at your table, or on the course.

Ear buds or the like are allowed, as long as they don’t create a problem, such as obstructing a runner who is trying to pass, because of being oblivious to your surroundings.

Please be respectful of Volunteers. There are normally only very few people who need to be reminded of this. Don’t be in that number, please.

Changing directions every 6 hours:

We will change directions every 6 hours.

When you leave the course for down time, you are responsible for knowing which direction to start running. Sometimes, the direction will have changed, and you will need to run in the opposite direction in order to finish the lap you were on before your down time. Of course, once you’ve finished that lap, you will turn and proceed along with everyone else.

Race referee:

We will have a race referee to enforce the rules. Depending upon severity of infraction, typically, you will receive a warning before disqualification.

100 mile splits and other splits:

100 mile splits will be marked for the 24 hour race for runners attempting records. Additionally, splits can be taken for other significant marks that result in a National or World Record. If you think you are going to break a National Record, it is your responsibility to inform us, so we can take the appropriate steps.

Lodging before your race

Due to space limitations, no one is allowed to sleep overnight at the Burton Wells Park until AFTER their race starts. Furthermore, once your race is completed, you will need to remove your sleeping gear to make room for the next racers. We need to leave Burton Wells Park by noon on Sunday February 9th.

Parking for event:

There is ample parking in the two Burton Wells parking lot. Most parking spaces are less than 100 yards from the course loop. There is absolute ZERO parking along the course.

RVs are permitted in the Burton Wells parking lot, however there are no hook ups or dump stations at the park.

Packet pick up:

Packet pick up will begin at 07:00 on the day of your respective event and close 1-hour before the start of each event.  At PPU, all racers will receive a bib, timing chip, race belt, race vest, and race cap.

Pre-race meetings 6day/72h/48h/24h/100:

Pre-race meetings are scheduled for 08:30 Monday for the 6-Day Race and at 08:30 for the start of each additional race:

Monday 08:30 6-Day

Thursday 08:30 72-Hour and 24-Hour Thursday Race

Friday 08:30 48-Hour Race, 24-Hour Friday Race and 100 Mile Start

Saturday 08:30 24-Hour Saturday Race

Runners should have their packets prior to 08:00 on the morning of their races

Tent City:

Runners may set up their tents and crew stations outside of the loop around the entire lake out side of designated time zones which will be clearly marked.

There will be a number of surge protecting multi-outlets with USB ports for charging your devices. If you have your own, that could help us with providing enough for everyone when they need it. There are power outlets at the main aid station and each of the bathrooms.

Aid/food stations:

The food station will be alongside the course on the West end of the loop. See the chart below for likely items. We will have a limited supply of cups, mostly for coffee and soups. Runners should bring their own hydration bottles and keep them at their tables. In most instances, a runner can grab their bottle from their table, run around the course with it, fill it, or leave for a volunteer to fill it, and get it the next time around, to drink from and return to their table.

Tailwind hydration:

We utilize Tailwind Nutrition as our main source of fuel during all of our events.

Sleeping Space/Tents/RVs:

There will be two designated race tents for sleeping. Both will be located on the West side of the course adjacent to the main station. These are designed for sleeping only, please do not store your personal items inside these tents and be respectable of other runners as they sleep. There is ample room around the course for you to set up your own personal own tents, pop-ups etc.

Everyone using these sleeping spaces must pick up their bags/mats/cots and remove them, so others may use a space. This should assure that all runners have a place to rest.

NOTE: No drinks or food are allowed in the sleeping areas.

Tents are allowed anywhere around the outside of the course at Burton Wells Park.

RVs are permitted in the Burton Wells parking lots however there are no hook-ups or dump stations on site.

Race Referee:

We will have a designated race official to serve as race referee to enforce race rules.

Food Service Schedule:

During each of the events, three meals will be served daily as follows: Daily Menus will be posted shortly.

Breakfast: beginning at 06:00
Lunch: begins at 11:00
Dinner: begins at 17:00

Meal Schedule:

Meal ScheduleWe don’t want you to be hungry, so if you don’t see something you like, PLEASE tell us. We can have most anything within a couple of your laps around the course.

In between meals, the aid station will have a wide variety of traditional ultra-snacks, as well as some warm foods such as Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable Soup, and broth.

Please understand that we will not be able to assist with special dietary needs. If you want something special, you should bring it for yourself.


Permanent Bathroom Facilities:

Permanent bathrooms are located within 15’ of the running surface. The restrooms are located on the West and East ends of the course.


This is a running FESTIVAL and what would a festival be without MUSIC?!?! We will play music on speakers during the event during daytime hours and into the early evening. We will respect overnight neighbors and sleep periods from 9:00pm until 8:00am. NOTE: you are allowed to listed to your own music via earbuds or earphones whenever you wish.


Wal-Mart: 5 Miles
350 Robert Smalls Pkwy, Beaufort, SC 29906

Bi-Lo: 6 Miles
2127 Boundary Street, Beaufort, SC 29926

Shower Availability:

 Planet Fitness: 5 Miles 332 Robert Smalls Pkwy, Beaufort, SC 29906


Timed Events: SC19027DW  Click here for Certification

100 Miler: SC19028DW  Click here for Certification





Meal Schedule

Registration Open until Jan 20th, 2020

Space is limited in all event, be sure to register early to guarantee your spot!