50 Miles

Fully exposed running in the middle of the summer. Average temperatures over 100 degrees with heat indexes over 120

July 12, 2020

The race begins at 6:00am with two 12.5 Mile out and back laps.

Beaufort, SC

Enjoy a beautiful Lowcountry marsh view as you cross over the Beaufort River and across Lady's Island

Official Race Rules 2020: (Download and print a copy Official Race Rules 2020)

Date:                     Sunday July 12, 2020

Start Time:         6:00am Eastern Standard Time

Packet pick-up:

Saturday July 11, 2020 10-5:00pm at Grounded Running, 2139 Boundary Street, Suite 108 Beaufort, SC.  If you cannot make it to packet pick-up on Saturday by 5:00pm you must check in on race morning at the start/ finish line between 5:00 and 5:22. No additional packets will be given out after 5:22am. Be early, not late!

All Runners must have support through a Crew Chief Unless approved by Tim Waz prior to registering. The Crew Chief must travel in a vehicle from check point to check point, but may not administer direct support to a runner from a moving vehicle (car or bike). Crew Chief and other support individuals must be on foot when in physical contact with their runner. You must include the name of your crew chief and cell phone number with your race application. If any changes occur prior to the event you must provide new contact information to the Race Director in person prior to the event. Support crews may not stop their vehicles on bridges at any time and must obey all traffic laws. The event takes place on sidewalks, bike paths, bridges and on open roads. 

***NEW BEGINNING 2019*** All Runners must either wear a day-glow safety vest or HIGHLY VISIBLE colors on your shorts and tops. All runners MUST have a RED flashing light on your front and back of your shorts at all times which is not covered by a shirt, hydration pack etc. Any runner not running with their lights will receive 1-warning and will be immediately removed from the course on the second infraction. This is a mandatory requirement of the race. If you are unsure if your outfit will be race approved, please reach out to me directly before race day: [email protected] 843.986.4523

Check points:

Runners must check in at all 3 check-points through-out the course, failure to check in will result in a DNF and runners will be pulled off the course. All runners must DEPART from each check-point prior to the cut off time or they will not be allowed to continue resulting in a DNF. Runners / crew must text Tim at each of the following check points: 843.986.4523

The following is a breakdown of Water Points and mandatory check in points:

Stop #1                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 6

Stop #2                 Simpleman’s Bike Club                   Mile 12.5             ***Check point

Stop #3                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 19

Stop #4                 Live Oaks Park (Start/ Finish)       Mile 25                 ***Check point

Stop #5                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 31

Stop #6                 Simpleman’s Bike Club                   Mile 37.5             ***Check point

Stop #7                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 44

Cut-off times:

The course must be completed within 12 hours (14:24 pace) to get an official finish time. All runners must DEPART the following check points PRIOR to the cut-off time to be allowed to continue:

Stop #1                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 6                   7:26am

Stop #2                 Simpleman’s Bike Club                   Mile 12.5             9:00am

Stop #3                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 19                 10:33am

Stop #4                 Park (Start/ Finish)                           Mile 25                 12:00pm

Stop #5                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 31                 1:26pm

Stop #6                 Simpleman’s Bike Club                   Mile 37.5             3:00pm

Stop #7                 Beaufort Water Authority             Mile 44                 4:33pm

All runners must check in at EVERY check point, failure to do so will result in a DNF.

Medical Attention:

If for any reason a runner must leave the course or receives medical attention on the course (from a paramedic such as administering an IV) the runner will be automatically disqualified resulting in a DNF. Crew Chiefs must check in with the Race Director if your runner leaves the course at any time. Entering a business along the course such as a gas station is not consider “leaving the course”.

Crew Chiefs are responsible for the overall well-being of their runners and must make the final decision as to if a runner can continue. Runners will all sign an agreement stating that they give their Crew Chiefs the final call and will agree with their decision to protect your overall health by not allowing for you to continue the race. If the Race Director feels that it is in the best interest that a runner does not complete the event, that runner will be pulled from the race. If at any time a Crew Chief pulls his runner off the course, you should immediately contact Tim Waz at 843.986.4523.

Aid Stations:

Due to currently restrictions with Covid-19, Bottle water will be available at the Start, Mid-Point and Simpleman's Turn around points only, there will be a cooler on the side of the Simpleman's Bike Club with Ice and Water.

 Course Maps:

The 2012 Cremator Ultra Endurance Race begins and ends in Beaufort, SC at Grounded Running located at 2139 Boundary Street, Suite 108 Beaufort, SC 29902.

Course Directions:

The 2020 Cremator 50 Mile Endurance Race course utilizes Full Cantrell Miles and consists of two 12.5 Mile out-and-back laps along an open road course. The race begins at Grounded Running with a staggered start to be compliant with current Covid-19 restrictions. REVISION*** The race will be a mass start due to the limit number of runner participating.

Course Overview:

Cremator 50 Miler









Course Directions:

Grounded Running: Start

Turn LEFT out of the parking lot on Boundary Street

Continue straight over the WOODS MEMORIAL BRIDGE (Run with traffic over the bridge on the sidewalk)

Continue straight on BUSINESS 21 (Run with traffic on the sidewalk)

FROGMORE (Where the sidewalk ends... ) SAFELY cross highway 21 and run against traffic until you reach the turnaround point at Simpleman's Bike Club (yellow building) there will be signs as you approch the club.

Simpleman's Bike Club: Cross BUSINESS 21 and return to Grounded Running facing traffic

Once you return to Grounded Running, repeat the same course for lap two. Your crew must check in with the race director at each required check in point.

Start and Finish of each lap:

Simpleman's Bike shop turn around:

If you have any questions please send them to me at, [email protected] or call at 843.986.4523. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday the 11th at packet pick-up!!!

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