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  • Global Running Day Virtual 5k

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    Global Running Day Virtual 5k

    Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving. It doesn't matter how fast you run or how far you go. The important thing is that you get out, have fun being active, and inspire others to join you! We encourage you to share where and why you love to run with #GlobalRunningDay.

    Join thousands of people around the world that share your passion for the sport with this free 5K virtual race. Run the Virtual NYRR Global Running Day 5K anywhere, anytime between June 1 and June 9. Learn more about Global Running Day here.

    Once you run your virtual 5k between June 1st and June 9th, stop in Grounded Running and scan the "I completed the Global Running Day QR code" and earn an extra 25 Loyalty Points!!! QR codes must be scanned in person and between the active dates of the event for bonus points.

    Race results will be available on the NYRR Results site and in your NYRR dashboard by Thursday, June 13.

    Join the NYRR Virtual Racing Facebook group for daily inspiration from the virtual racing community year-round. Get racing tips and support from both beginners and experienced runners from around the world.

    Kids can run too in the Virtual Rising NYRR Global Running Day Kids Run! Register here.


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