Snarkle Race Recap

Snarkle Race Recap – Grounded Running Beaufort

On Saturday May 20th, twenty four runners gathered in Ridgeland, SC to begin the recovery process after a viral outbreak occurred leaving the infected in a zombie-like state… or at least that’s how the story began.

Grounded Running hosted the Lowcountry’s first adventure race Snarkle Race Recap - Grounded Running Beaufortunder the title of the Snarkle Race. Participants teamed up for the first half of the the race and then completed the event as an individuals. The race began at 9:00pm and runners had a 12 hour time limit to make it through 18 Checkpoints including mental and physical challenges before they could move on to the next point in the race. The course was made up of single track and fire break trails. Participants knew very little about what the night had in store for them before the race began. The details of the race and the story line was finally reviled at 9:00pm as the groups “Leader” read the scripted story line in front of a unlit fire pit. Each team selected a skill set when they registered ranging from Leader, Scout, Chef to Hunters. As the race began the “Visionary” was required to start a fire to give light to the the other racers using only flint and steel, the “Volunteers” were quickly called in to assist and quickly the fire was blazing and the runners were off!

Snarkle Race Redemption  Teams traveled from check point to check point after randomly selecting three of eighteen location numbers. Once the teams would arrive at each location marker they would be required to solve or complete the task and send their response back to base camp via Twitter as this was their only form of communication during the race. If they solved the problem correctly they would be allowed to advance to the next checkpoint.

There were eight runners that completed all eighteen checkpoints under the 12-hour time limit this year. The average distance traveled was between 20-30 miles. It was an awesome night and we are hosting another race: Snarkle Redemption on December 16, 2017. We are allowing 30 Teams to enter and we are adding in several new twists as the story line continues. The original 30 runners were invited back which leaves room for 15 new team. Registration is now open on Ultrasignup and we anticipate the race filling up quickly.

Limited details on the race will be given out, but you can find more information online: Snarkle: Redemption

Date: December 16, 2017

Time: 7:00pm – 7:00am

Registration Link: CLICK HERE

A huge thanks again to Christian Bravery with Leading Light Design for the use of his amazing creature image for our race! Take a minute to check out the rest of his amazing work!

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