Martha McDuff – Featured Runner of the Week

Martha McDuff – Featured Runner of the Week

This week is our 18th edition of our favorite weekly post. Martha McDuff – Featured Runner of the Week is another amazing spotlight and we are honored to feature her here. The aim of having a Featured Runner of the Week is not to necessarily single out any individuals, but we want to feature runners who through their uniqueness may one day inspire you to run or reach for new running highs. Every runner has broken down their own barriers, whether it was the big obstacle to take the first running step or entering a race. Each runner will have their own story and to most these stories to others are very inspiring.

We welcome your feedback and nominations of runners who you feel deserve to be featured here. Our Featured Runner of the Week is selected at random on a bi-weekly basis. Every runner deserves to be mentioned and we will do our best to select a wide field of runners to bring their stories for you to enjoy.

This week we feature another amazing local runner that can be found running and racing around town. Let’s take a few minutes and get to know Martha McDuff.

Martha McDuff – Featured Runner of the Week

Name: Martha McDuffMartha McDuff - Featured Runner of the Week

Age: 39

Where are you originally from? I am a native of Beaufort, SC

What is your favorite distance to race? Why? My favorite distance to race is the marathon because of the challenge it presents.  There is a lot that comes into play to make the 26.2 go smoothly like training, nutrition, race day pace, weather etc.

What originally got you into running? I began running freshman year in college when my best friend at the time, Chase, announced he was going to start running.  I thought to myself, “If he can run, I can run.”  I started out running just a few blocks until I made the full 3 mile loop around campus.  I ran 3 miles everyday (give or take)  for the remaining of my college career and really haven’t stopped since (unless injured).

What is your main motivation to keep going? Running brings a sense of accomplishment to my life.  This is what keeps me going.  It makes me feel strong and gives me confidence and goals to work towards.  I also love being part of the running community in Beaufort.

When you’re not running, what do you do? When I am not running, I am teaching fitness Martha McDuff - Featured Runner of the Weekclasses (HIIT, yoga and Pilates) or I am working out myself- cycling, swimming, lifting weights, paddleboarding etc..  I am also starting a Health Coaching Practice which I am very excited about (A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to help them feel their best thorugh food and lifestyle changes) I write for Fit Beaufort which is a part of Eat Sleep Play Beaufort and have started a website with Shannon Roberts called Play Outside Beaufort (which will include all the races in Beaufort from 5ks, to kayaking/paddleboarding to triathlons).  My favorite thing to do though is to hang out with my brand new nephew, Holbrook McDuff.

What is your next race? I do not have a race this year planned (it’s killing me), but I figured starting my business as a Health Coach is a lot and didn’t want to add training on top of all that.  Might run a few local 5ks in the Fall.

Describe your perfect run: For a run to be perfect, the weather has to be cool.  I love running along the water at sunrise and my sleep and nutrition are right on, helping me to maintain a fast, effortless pace.

What piece of advice do you have for someone who is just starting out? My advice for someone Martha McDuff - Featured Runner of the Weekstarting out…get fitted with running shoes that are good for your foot and gate.  Then start slow.  Just run up the block and then walk. The next time out, add another block. Ease into it and build mileage slowly.  Before you know it, you will be running your goal distance and then it will be time to set a new goal.  =)  Don’t make it all about running too.  Cross training is important so add in biking and swimming into your routine and most importantly…. stretch!!!

What has been the single greatest thing you have gotten back from running? I have met many wonderful people over the years because of running, but running has also let me get to know places like Anchorage, Alaska and Philadelphia, PA.  You really get to know a town when you run through it- even Beaufort. Some days I notice things that I have never noticed before.

Goals for this year? I want to get faster at the 5k.  Would love to run a sub 24.  Eventually in the coming year(s), I want to continue running marathons (break 4 hours) but also want to tackle Spartan races and ultras and maybe get back into triathlons.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story this week Martha! You continue to inspire those around you through your support of the local running community. #staygrounded #runbeaufort #runwithpassion

Martha McDuff

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