Jon Lohr – Featured Runner of the Week

Jon Lohr – Featured Runner of the Week

This week is our 11th edition of our favorite weekly post. Jon Lohr - Featured Runner of the Week is another amazing spotlight and we are honored to feature him here. The aim of having a Featured Runner of the Week is not to necessarily single out any individuals but we want to feature runners who through their uniqueness may one day inspire you to run or reach for new running highs. Every runner has broken their own barriers, whether it was the first big obstacle to take the first running step or entering a race. Each runner will have their own story and to most these stories to others are very inspiring.

We welcome your feedback and nominations of runners who you feel deserve to be featured here. Our Featured Runner of the Week is selected at random. Every runner deserves to be mentioned and we will do our best to select a wide field of runners to bring their stories for you to enjoy.

This week we feature another amazing local runner that can be found running and racing around town. Let’s take a few minutes and get to know Jon Lohr.

Jon Lohr - Featured Runner of the Week

Name:  Jon LohrJon Lohr - Featured Runner of the Week

Age:  46

Where are you originally from?  Walterboro, SC.

What is your favorite distance to race? Why?  Either 5Ks or 8Ks. To me they are pretty good distances to run and don’t require a lot of training to prepare.  I recently participated in the Palmetto 200 with a 12-man relay with some co-workers from Beaufort Memorial.  In that, I ran 3 legs (3.5, 8.5, and 7.5 miles) for a total of 19.5 miles in under 33 hours.  I have to admit, it took a few days to recover from that because I’d never really pushed myself for that total distance.  Now, I really want to try for the longer distances and work myself up to a half-marathon.

What originally got you into running?  I really like lifting weights the most for exercise and wanted to mix it up with some cardio.  I used to not be able to run at all without getting a cramp in my side after a minute into a run and that always discouraged me from it.  Then one day (back around 2000), I just sort of forced myself into it by starting out with short distances (like a half mile) and added more from there.  Next thing I knew, I could go 3 to 5 miles without any issues.

What is your main motivation to keep going?  The addiction.  It’s the endorphin rush/runner’sJon Lohr - Featured Runner of the Week high that I like afterwards and I feel great all day after a morning run.  If I go more than two or three days without a run, I start to get fidgety.  Also, there’s a sense of accomplishment if I’m participating in a race, no matter how I place at the finish.

When you’re not running, what do you do?  I work at Beaufort Memorial and I love spending time with my wife, Mary, my son, Clay, and our dog, Chaco.   Mary and Clay enjoy traveling to new places for vacations and I enjoy that as an opportunity to run with new scenery.

What is your next race?  Either the Super Heroes 5K or the Taste of Beaufort 5K.

Describe your perfect run:  Clear skies, 50 degree weather, nice scenery and a really good heavy metal playlist to listen to.  Heavy Metal music provides a really good beat to maintain a really good cadence.  At the top of that list for me is typically Metallica, Rammstein, Megadeth and Iron Maiden.

What piece of advice do you have for someone who is just starting out?  Start with short Jon Lohr - Featured Runner of the Weekdistances and gradually add more each week.  Stay hydrated as much as possible prior to your run.  I like to prepare an hour before by drinking about 16-24 ounces of water.

What has been the single greatest thing you have gotten back from running?  Health.  I feel that running has helped me maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Goals for this year?  To work my distance up to run a half marathon.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story Jon and rockin' out with us this week! You continue to inspire those around you through your support of the local running community and friendship! Keep up the great work and we wish you the best of luck this year! #staygrounded #runbeaufort

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