50 Miles

Fully exposed running in the middle of the summer. Average temperatures over 100 degrees with heat indexes over 120

July 7, 2019

The race begins at 6:00am with two 12.5 Mile out and back laps. Aid stations at located at Mile 0/25 and Mile 12.5/ 37.5

Port Royal, SC

Enjoy a beautiful Lowcountry marsh view as you cross over the Beaufort River and across Lady's Island

Cremator Ultra map

Summer racing in the Low Country

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Limited field of 50 Runners

Each year our field is limited to 50 runners, with the lottery opening up on Thanksgiving Day through December 23rd with the drawing taking place on Christmas Eve.

Cremator Ultra

Lottery Registration

The Lottery for the 2018 Cremator Ultra will be open until December 23, with the drawing taking place on Christmas Eve.