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Our #1 focus is to help you achieve your running goals.

We regularly use words like Passion, Pride and Dedication when we talk about our training and our athletes. We understand the time and love that you put into each and ever mile and our focus is on your direct improvement and ultimately achieving each and every goal.

As a lifetime competitive runner in all distances from 5k's to Ultra Marathons, Tim understands the necessity of a personal when it comes to achieving success in each distance. His personal approach to tailoring individual training plans is the key to all his runner's successes.

What can you expect? A personal one-on-one sit down interview to discuss your current training and previous successes. From here we begin to identify "A, B and C" goals to ensure forward progress is achieved to keep athletes motivated.

How are Training Plans delivered? Grounded Running Performance Training utilizes Training PeaksĀ on-line services to deliver the highest level of data tracking with full interface with Garmin Connect, Suunto Movescounts and Strava.

Performance Coaching - Grounded Running

How do we determine your goals? We work together as a Coach and Athlete should to push the performance levels while setting aggressive goals. We help our athletes with time-management to ensure other obligations are not sacrificed in the process. We ensure that our athletes are making the most of their training time. We focus on race preparation and racing skills including proper hydration and nutrition assistance. While staying positive with highly motivated support with a strong level of accountability.

The most successful coaching occurs when the coach really knows the runner. Together we identify your priorities and come up with a plan to optimize the time you devote to running.

Tim is a very hands on Coach and you notice that there is now automatic web form or on-line application here. If you want to take your running to the next level, achieve that goal time or a new distance PR, please feel free to email at or call 843-379-3200.

Performance Coaching - Grounded RunningPerformance Coaching - Grounded Running

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